Cannes has a two hundred year old tradition of hospitality, a precious early 19th century legacy that has brought about the transformation of a modest fishing village at the foot of Le Suquet into a worldwide attraction.

Whether it's the sunlight reflecting on the bay or on the protected shores of the Lérins islands, or the light of projectors shining annually on the world's most important gathering of film makers ... Cannes remains faithful to its legendary image. Add to its natural beauty the outstanding hospitality that awaits you at its hotels, restaurants, beaches and boutiques and the whole comes together to make Cannes the ideal destination.

And so, I welcome you … Welcome to the colour-filled stalls of the Forville market, the luxury shops of Rue d'Antibes and the Croisette and to the charming alleyways of Le Suquet. Welcome to our beaches, to the quayside of the Old Port, to the sumptuous shop windows of the leading fashion designers, to gourmet restaurants and to master chefs. And even before your stay is over, let me say that I look forward to having you back … because anyone who tastes the infinite flavours of Cannes, can't help coming back.